About HJUG

HJUG is dedicated to the use of the Java™ Technology. We are one of the many Java User Groups worldwide. HJUG thanks Rice University Computer Science Department, Professors Dan Wallach and Robert 'Corky' Cartwright for their continuous sponsorship.

HJUG also thanks the Computer Science Technology Department of Houston Community College System, especially Abbas Alamnehe.

HJUG Officers

Jim Bethancourt
jimbethancourt AT gmail DOT com

Vice President of Free Stuff:
Dan Sline
dan AT slinestop DOT com

Java Resource Coordinator:
Adam Roberts
aroberts AT alum DOT rit DOT edu

Houston TechFest Coordinator:
Stephen Nimmo
stephennimmo AT gmail DOT com

Java Community Process Representative:
Daniel Solano Gómez
jcp AT sattvik DOT com

How to Sponsor an HJUG Meeting

In order to sponsor a meeting, you need to provide:

  • Some food, such as pizzas
  • Some non-alcoholic refreshments, such as sodas
  • Door prizes or giveaways for attendees are always a big hit, but are not required

In return, you have five minutes at the end of the meeting to talk anything you would like to communicate to our members. You can also freely distribute flyers, brochures, CDs and other promotional items. If you stay after the meeting, you will be able to network with our members.

The number of members varies greatly depending on the topic, the speaker and other considerations. Thank you for your interest in HJUG! Please contact the HJUG Officers if you are interested in sponsoring a meeting.

Ordering Food

Pizza typically works well. It is about $150 - $170 or so for 12 large pizzas and 6 2-liter sodas, and is more than enough to feed 25 people, but just enough for up to 35 when we have a really good turnout, althoug we have been having upwards of 50 people at recent meetings and may require more pizza. We use www.eventbrite.com to take RSVPs to get a rough headcount. Order a mix of cheese, veggie pizza, and pepperoni & sausage as well (1/2 cheese/veggie & half meat topping, or thereabouts). They often discount the price if the pizzas are ordered in advance. Please be sure to ask them to send along paper plates as well.

Pappa John's
HOUSTON, TX 77006-3930

Pizza Hut
1225 Westheimer Rd
Houston TX 77006

Domino's Pizza
1425 W. Gray St.
Houston, TX 77019
(713) 528-1444

Other cuisine has worked well in the past -- one sponsor catered fajitas and it was a hit!

Use the following delivery address:
PROS Pricing
3100 Main
2nd Floor
Houston, Texas 77002

Upcoming Meetings

Free membership. Free meetings. Free food (usually pizza).



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